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Event Schedule All events will launch at 7:00am

  • Grand Traverse Bay 6/12
  • Grand River6/26
  • White Lake 7/17
  • MuskegonLake 8/7
  • Grand River 8/28

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Hair of the Dog Early Draw - 2021

The HOTD Early Draw will be April 30th, 2021 (online). Entries must be paid by April 30th at 11am to qualify.

General Information

The early draw will be held on 4/30/2021 at 12pm (online).

Basic guidelines for entry will be as follows but any entry may be refused for any reason at the complete discretion of the tournament committee.

Tournament Fees
Cash Credit
Team Deposit for Season $180 $186.30
$20 Deposit Per Event (x5)
$40 WMB Membership(includes BASS Team dues)(x2)
Registration and Payment Options

IMPORTANT: Registration must be done online. If you are unable to register online, please contact us for assistance as we can accept cash or check payments in person by appointment prior to the Early Draw. Instructions on how to pay are detailed in the online registration process. Please note, there are additional processing and handling fees if paying by credit.

Eligibility and Deadlines
  • Deposits for teams will be accepted starting 2/20/2021.
  • You may register as a single or team. If registering a team, both members must have paid memberships to be eligible.
  • Single entries may add a team member on or prior to 4/30/2021
  • No refunds will be given to accepted entries after the draw has taken place on 4/30/2021.
  • A 20$ non-refundable deposit will be paid per team toward each of the 5 tournaments. $100 total. Early draw boats will pay 100$ (of $120) entry fee at the ramp. This deposit cannot be refunded once the official early draw numbers have been assigned.
  • If adding a teammate who was also in the early draw after the drawing, the member with the best draws will forfeit their draws and deposit.
  • From 4/30/2021 thru 5/28/2021 We will allow teams to use this registration process to claim open boat numbers on a first come first served basis.
  • We will continue to allow non early draw boats to register and participate in HOTD tournaments by registering at the ramp. Take off positions will be first come first serve after the last early draw boat.
  • The early draw will not include take off position 1 & 2. These positions will be raffled off at each event registration along with other prizes.

All registrations are now done through our new Membership Portal. Use the link below to create your account and begin the registration process. Sign Up Now