D&R Sports Center Tournament Series Rules last updated 1/12/2024 8:56 AM by WMB

D&R Sports Center Tournament Series Rules (East and West Divisions)

General Rules

  • There is a one-time yearly membership fee of $50.00 per angler, which includes Bassmaster Team Trail Membership. All substitutes are also required to pay membership.
  • Tournament entry fee is $170.00 per tournament, per boat, fishing as a team or single, include big bass pot of $20.00. The championship fund will receive $20.00 per tournament from each entry. The tournament payout is published and is subject to change at the discretion of the tournament committee. 
  • Entries must be received as a team entry or single entry. If registering to fish singly, the angler must do so for all 3 regular events and the year ending championship tournament. If registering as a team, the team can use one sub per season, or a team member may fish alone. Subs will NOT be allowed at the championship. You must decide on you team or single status on or before the first tournament. Everyone, including subs, must check-in with tournament officials prior to the pre-tournament meeting.
  • Take off positions for each regular season event will be determined by random draw morning of the tournament. First and Second take off positions will be determined by a raffle held at the pre-tournament meeting before each event. Tournament check-in will begin at approximately 5:30 AM and tournament take off will be at approximately 7:00 AM.
  • The winner of the tournament is determined by the heaviest weight of 5 fish or less. In the event of a tie in total weight, big bass weight will be used to break the tie and total weight will be the tiebreaker for a big bass tie.
  • One member of each team must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver license. All anglers including subs must complete and sign a membership form, pay the membership fee and any entry fees.
  • Only one rod and reel may be used by an angler at a time. Rod must be less than 10ft in length. Anglers can use only artificial baits, except for pork strips/chunks. Trolling is not allowed.
  • In the unfortunate event a tournament is canceled all entry fees and prizes will rolled over to other event(s) at the tournament director’s discretion. No refunds will be given.
  • All series information and announcements will be communicated via email and social media. Tournament results will be posted on the WMB website (www.westmichiganbass.com). Please make sure you make the tournament officials aware of any email address changes so these communications are not missed.
  • All boats must be in on time at the end of each of tournament even if the anglers are not weighing fish.  Anglers must return by 3:00 PM for first flight and 3:15 PM for second flight. 
  • Any and all protest must be made within 10 mins of the scales closing.

Fish Weighing and Fish Care

  • All teams must use provided weigh in bags.
  • Do not bring fish to the scales until the scales are called open.
  • Fish
    • Teams are allowed a 5 fish limit of bass, largemouth or smallmouth, weather you are fishing as a team or a single.
    • All fish must measure 14” or longer mouth closed. If you bring a bass under 14” to the scales, that fish and your largest bass will be culled from your limited.
    • Teams are only allowed to weigh 1 dead fish. Dead fish penalty is ¼ of a pound or 4 ounces. A dead fish cannot be weighed for big bass.
    • Fish culling must be completed before returning to weigh in. No culling at the ramp or check-in area.
    • If fishing as a single angler there can only be 5 fish in the livewell at any time.
    • Only non-puncture culling tags may be used.

Boat Operation and Off Limits

  • Lake Michigan will be off limits for all tournaments unless otherwise announced. No fishing outside of the pier heads. Off limits for each lake will announced at the mandatory pre-tournament meeting.
  • No boat may fish with 50 yards of a competitor’s boat when anchored without permission from the competitor. An anchored boat is defined as, trolling motor out of water and anchor or shallow water anchors down in the water.
  • Championship waters will be off limits to competitor fishing beginning at 6PM the Sunday prior to the championship tournament. Championship tournament details will be announced prior to the last regular event.
  • All competitors must leave and return to tournament weigh in site by boat. If the boat breaks down during the tournament, one team member may return to weigh in another competitors boat with the fish to be weighed. Anglers are not allowed to leave the boat during competition unless in case of emergency.


  • Points will be calculated per division.  In the event a team misses a tournament in either division it is possible to fish a tournament in the other division as a make-up tournament.  Please contect the director for information related to this scenario.
  • Total points at the end of the 3 regular season events will determine season standing per division. All teams paying for all 3 regular season events will be invited to fish the championship.
  • Points are earned in the following ways.
    • Single Event Participation: 10pts
    • Points Per Boat: (see below)
    • 1st Place Finish Bonus: 3pts
    • 2nd Place Finish Bonus: 2pts
    • 3rd Place Finish Bonus: 1pts
    • Big Bass Bonus: 2pts
    • 2nd Big Bass Bonus: 1pts
  • Points per Boat: One point per boat will be given based on the number of boats (Number of Boats - (Place + 1) = Points) for example with 11 boats, 1st place receives 11 pts, 2nd 10pts, 3rd 9pts and so on. Zero fish ties and/or last place will be awarded 0 additional points.

Sportsmanship and Safety

  • Anglers are required to practice a high level of sportsmanship, safety and courtesy toward others while participating in the tournament. Interpretation of a violation of the “spirit of sportsmanship” is at discretion of the tournament committee as is any penalty levied.
  • All participants are required to refrain from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs while participating in the tournament. Violation of this rule can result in disqualification and forfeit of any entry fees.
  • Any violation of Federal, State or Local laws can results in disqualification and forfeiture of any entry fees.
  • Observance of no wake zones and/or speed limits as well as possessing any required safety equipment is the responsibility of the angler.
  • Do not pass other competitors in a no wake zone.
  • USCG approved life preservers and the boat’s kill switch must be worn whenever operating with the combustion engine.
  • The horsepower of the outboard must not exceed the boats bia rating. All boats must have the required Coast Guard safety equipment, functional kill switch and aerated live well.

Championship Tournament

  • Eligability
    • All pre-paid teams are automatically eligable to fish the D&R Series Championship.
    • Any team that fishes three (3) events, includes D&R Series Open Event, will be invited to fish the D&R Series Championship.  This includes teams that register the morning of each tournament.
    • All teams are required to pay an entry into the Championship.  Note: Pre-paid teams have already paid the Championship entry fee.
  • Championship event will be a 2-day tournament with location TBA.
    • Day One
      • All qualifying boats will fish; take off positions based on random draw and raffle same as a regular season event.
  • Day Two
    • The top half of the field after day one will combine the day one weight with day two weight for a chance to win top prizes including a boat and cash prizes.
    • The bottom half of the field after day one will start with zero weight and fish for second chance money based solely on the second day’s catch.
    • Take off positions for day two are the reverse of day one except first and second stay the same.
    • All teams can qualify for random draws and bonus awards and must be present to win.

Bassmaster Team Championship

  • Invitations to the Bassmaster Team Championship are TBD and based on boat count (1 spot for every 25 boats). These spots will be awarded to:
  • The top two points earning teams from the 3 regular season events.
  • The winning team of the championship event.
  • If the initial qualifying teams decline the invite the next teams in line based on points will be offered the spots.