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2020 D&R Sports Center Tournament Series Details last updated 5/29/2020 4:06 PM by WMB

Event Schedule All events will launch at 7:00am

  • White Lake 6/27
  • Muskegon Lake 7/25
  • Grand River 8/15
  • Muskegon Lake 8/29
  • 2-Day Championship TBA 9/19-9/20

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Update: 05/29/2020

We wanted to inform you that we have made some adjustments to these years schedule. Our first tournament will be held June 27 on White Lake. You will find the full updated schedule further down in this email. Some of the lakes that will be fished have been moved around as well.

Payback and sponsorship committments are changing slightly. We have decided to change the first place Classic prize to cash instead of a boat. In the past, no one has ever taken the boat home - they took the cash option. The cash for this prize will be coming from Tracker, Nitro, Mercury and D&R Sports Center, and is above and beyond any entry fee money.

With a full field of 75 boats we will award $12,000. The prize cash will be increased to $14,000 if you have a 2015 or newer Nitro, Ranger or Triton boat that was purchased From D&R Sports. If the winning team is not eligible for that bonus, the $2,000 bonus will be paid out to the highest finisher with the proper boat. If we do not have a full field, then the prize will be $10,000, plus the same $2,000 bonus (minimum of 50 boats - not including staff).

Shimano/G Loomis money is still being worked out, but with a full field, the rest of the bonus programs will remain pretty similar to the past. Some new bonus programs and some sponsor changes include the following: - $200 Midway Chevy Big Bass Bonus will be awarded to largest bass at each event. Bonus goes to $500 if you have a 2015 or newer Chevy truck purchased from Midway. - $250 will be awarded to the highest finisher with a 2015 or newer truck purchased from Midway Chevy. Bonus goes to $500 if you also have 2015 or newer Nitro, Ranger or Triton boat from D&R Sports. - Blackfish Bucks will be given by random draw at each event - $100 Bleeker Insurance Big Bass Bonus will be awarded to the 3rd largest bass at each event.

Cash placement prizes will be the same with a full field. If we do not have a full field, paybacks will be adjusted accordingly. Paybacks will be announced shortly.

Please make sure to get your entries in by June 10th if you have not done so already. We are taking entries from any teams interested until we reach the 75 boat max.

Just a quick side note in regards to welcoming Midway Chevy of Plainwell as a major sponsor - many of you do business with Brian Beldon already and know about their great sales and service. My family is on our 6th vehicle from him and couldn't be happier. Brian is a tournament fishermen and goes above and beyond for the angling community. See Brian for your vehicle needs - call 269-204-2082 and ask for Brian!

Thank you, and please contact one of us with any questions

General Information

Basic guidelines for entry will be as follows but any entry may be refused for any reason at the complete discretion of the tournament committee.

Tournament Fees
Cash Credit
Team Fee for all Events $930 $958.08
$150 entery Per Event (x5)
$20 Big Bass per event (x5)
$40 Membership(includes BASS Team dues)(x2)
Registration and Payment Options

IMPORTANT: Registration must be done online by June 10th. While check payments will be accpeted by mail, REGISTRATION FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCPETED BY MAIL OR AT D&R Sports Kalamazoo location. You must register online prior to sending payment. Teams will have the option to pay by cash, check or credit card but must still go through the online registration process. Instructions on how to pay are detailed in the online registration process. Please note, there are additional processing and handling fees if paying by credit.

In addition to the 75 entries, we reserve three spots for tournament directors and volunteers and allow additional spots for sponsors and/or new boat buyer from D&R at the discretion of the tournament committee.