D&R Sports Championship - 2023 last updated 9/7/2023 11:22 AM by WMB

Tournament Info

Location: Lake Charlevoix (Municpal Launch)

Official Practice: Fri Oct 6th (Sunrise to 5:00pm)

Tournament Dates: Sat Oct 7th and Sun Oct 8th

Times: Approx. 7:30am to 3:30pm

Flights: TBD

Launch Site:Charlevoix Municipal

299 Stover Rd, Charlevoix, MI 49720


Banquet Info

Location: Ferry Beach Park Pavillion (outdoors) - Adjacent to Municpal Launch

Address: 224 Ferry Ave, Charlevoix, MI 49720

Date / Time: Friday Oct 6th, 6PM to 8PM

 General InformationThe D&R Championship is invite only! Teams that fished 3 of our regular season events will have the distinct privilege to enjoy world-class smallmouth fishing on Lake Charelvoix in 2 days of competition.  First place for this event will pay out over $10,000 as well as all of the rolled over contingencies from throughout the season. Entry fee for the event is $170 to teams who did not pre-pay. Take off positions will be drawn at random the morning of the event after a raffle is held for 1st and 2nd take offs as well as other prize packs from D&R Sports.  On day 2 of the event, the top 30 teams will compete for the championship purse, the remaining field will be entered in a 2nd chance bracket where previous day weights are zeroed and the top 6 spots for day 2 weight only will get paid out.


Tournament waters are closed to fishing and information for tournament participants starting at 6PM on Sunday Oct 1st until Friday Oct 6th at sunrise. Friday, Oct 6 will be the official practice day. Tournament waters are open from sunrise to 5pm.All navigable waters connected to Lake Charlevoix are considered tournament waters with exception of Lake Michigan - the boundary for which will be a line from the outer most tip of each pier-head. "Navigable water" will be defined as any legally accessible water an angler can access without physically leaving their boat to gain access. Tournament Directors reserve the right to ammend these boundaries prior to the official practice day. All questions should be directed to them in regards to areas that may be in question.

All eligible teams will receive an invite via email. You must accept the invite and RSVP for the banquet to attend.