Contingencies and Benefits last updated 3/8/2018 8:02 PM by Justin

Boat Contingency Programs

West Michigan Bass - 2K Jigs Hair of the Dog qualifies for the Bass Cat Quest program.
Ranger Boats will fund a Ranger Cup program for the five (5) regular season 2K Jigs Hair of the Dog tournaments. Ranger Boats agrees to pay the winner $250 if they are Ranger Cup compliant. Please review eligibility on the Ranger Cup website.
All WMB Events qualify for Nitro/Tracker "Tournament Rewards". Please visit website for full details and eligibility.

Sponsor Contingencies

Simply get your personal income taxes prepared and filed by 4K Accounting Services Benefit:

Weeknights: Earn four top 3 finishes in any weeknight division tournaments (in a single division & same year) and receive $50. Can only win one time per division.

Hair of the Dog: Be the highest placing angler or team in top 10 of a 2K Jigs HOTD event and 4K will pay your entry fee. ($50 or $100 depending on one or both teammates use of tax services)

Member Discounts

Al & Bob's Sports

- 10% off fishing gear with WMB Membership Card

- 20% off Denali Rods with WMB Membership Card

- 20% off Sunline with WMB Membership Card

- 20% off Big Bite Baits with WMB Membership Card

Avalon Building Concepts - 10% off with WMB Membership Card - 10% off with discount code: WMBASS (online)

2K Jigs- 10% off with discount code: WMB10 (online)

Cal Coast Fishing- 20% off with discount code: wmichbass20 (online)