2016 Classic Info last updated 2/8/2017 1:21 PM by Cy

2016 Classic Info

The 2016 West Michigan Bass Classic will be held at the Whitewater Township Park on Sunday September 25th. Tournament time will be from Safelight until 3:00 PM. You may fish any of the connected lakes in system.

Please register your team for the Classic here:  Classic Checkin

Please read the instructions on the page. Some teams will move up in boat numbers, some will get free entry if teams in your division are not going. This information will be provided to you before the classic but will not be available until teams have all confirmed - so you will not see it on this page.

If you are using a sub, please notify us AFTER you confirm your team and tell us the team and boat number in the email. You can email us Here

Please don't confirm or delete other teams checkins. If you do, that team will still be able to go and we will just have to deal with it the day of the tournament. I like to think we're all adults and no one will maliciously interfere - but if you have the inkling to do so, please know it will not amount to anything.

There will be a $5.00 launch fee due at the gate when you arrive in the morning.  You are responsible to pay that fee.

For those of you paying to fish the Classic please have cash.  There will also be an optional $20 Big Bass pot.

If you are interested in camping at Whitewater please contact them directly.

Whitewater Township Park 9500 Park Road, P.O. Box 159 Williamsburg, MI 49690 Phone 231-267-5091