Multiple Divisions

West Michigan Bass has several divisions throughout the area. Find the right fit based on geography or your favorite lakes.  With our low memerbship fees, anglers can compete in a single division for a shot at the classic, or just fish their favorite lakes in any division. Check them out Here!

Great Payouts

Every cent of every entry fee for every tournament is paid back at the ramp or at the classic. Period. No gimmicks or hidden costs. No giveaways disguised as money - just a stack of good 'ol U.S. legal tender. You can find all the details on our payouts page.

The Most Fun

One thing you will find at any WMB event, is a great atomosphere. We strive to have fun and catch fish. We hope that everyone goes home with some good laughs, new friends and hopefully some extra cash. 

West Michigan Bass is proud to be sponsored by:

What you're missing out on:

2017 Classic

2017 Classic

2017 Classic

2017 Classic



HOTD Early Draw Event

WMB will be hosting an early draw event at the Grand Rapids Ultimate Sportshow once again in 2018. Details to come!

BASSMASTER Team Championship

Bassmasters Team Trail

West Michigan Bass is proud to announce that in 2017, all members will be eligible to qualify for the Bassmaster Team Trail championship tournament late Nov / Early Dec - with a shot to compete for a spot at the Bassmaster Classic!

If you're not familiar with the Team trail, check out Bassmaster's website or follow along below...

What is the team trail?

It's a way for the every day angler to have a shot at the biggest tournament in the world - purely by competing in local team tournaments.

How do I become eligible?

All paid teams of West Michigan Bass will be eligible. A portion of our membership fee is paid on your behalf to BASS which makes you also a member of the team trail. You'll receive a 1 year subscription to BASS Times magazine along with this membership as well as the usual WMB perks and discounts. Per BASS:Participation in this tournament is by invitation only. This tournament is open only to current B.A.S.S. members who are also current B.A.S.S. Team members, recognized by a sanctioned B.A.S.S. Team partner. Teams must consist of two people. Team members are not interchangeable. Teams qualifying for the Bassmaster Team Championship must consist of the same two anglers that began the season as a team, exceptions in case of an emergency may be granted with permission from the B.A.S.S. tournament director or if a trail has an “alternate” program in which teams may use the same alternate they used all year. However, full time Bassmaster Elite Series or FLW Tour pros, employees, officers and directors of B.A.S.S. or its parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies and members of their immediate families (spouse, parents, children and sibling, regardless of where they live) are ineligible. Any candidate for competition who, in the judgment of the Tournament Director, is disabled in such a manner as to endanger the safety and well-being of his/her partner or themselves shall not be eligible.

How many WMB teams get to go to Guntersville?

The number of spots allocated to WMB is driven by the number of members we have. In 2015 we had over 350 members. We anticipate 400+ in 2016. BASS will give us 1 spot per 50 members (25 teams) - so we expect to send 7 boats at minimum - realistically 8 or 9.

How will you choose which teams get a spot?

Per BASS rules, we must have a points system or cumlulative tournament to award the spots. In 2016 we will be granting the 2 top points teams from HOTD each a spot. The remaining 5+ spots will be awarded to the top finishing teams at the 2016 classic.

What's it cost me?

Other than your membership fee, there is no additional cost. Teams qualifying for the Team Tournament will be paying an entry fee for that tournament and require a BASS membership.